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orion Golb's book revised



     A French edition of Norman Golb's book on the Scrolls has appeared in 
     Paris (published by Plon), under a new sub-title: "Une enquete sur les 
     rouleaux du desert de Juda et sur leur interpretation contemporaine."  
     The new version seems to improve on the original American one in that 
     most of the repetitive discussions (on museum exhibits, etc.) in the 
     second half have been removed, leaving ten chapters instead of twelve 
     and a smoother narrative.  
     Thus, the chapter on "Power Politics and the Scrolls Monopoly" has 
     become the final (tenth) chapter; the original epilogue (Judaism, 
     Christianity and the Scrolls) has taken its place as the eighth 
     chapter, with only one chapter in between entitled "The Path of New 
     A new epilogue contains a good photograph of the so called "yahad" 
     ostracon and of its transcription by Eshel (articles by Fred Cryer and 
     others are cited).  The epilogue also mentions Hirschfeld's work at En 
     Gedi (a cross-reference has been neatly inserted in the first chapter) 
     as well as his views about Qumran.


Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology