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orion Colored inks on scrolls??

From: Tom Simms <tsimms@mailserv.nbnet.nb.ca>
Subject: Colored inks on scrolls??
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 14:01:46 AST

Scrolls, Inks?  Who knows what security the Scrolls and fragments
thereof had these fifty and more years?

Were any of the assignments in the hands of a single individual? 
Did that person always handle the fragments with tongs or gloves? 
Did the investigator wear a mask?   Did any investigator write on
the scrolls or their fragments?

Better still, what protocols for the handling of the artifacts
were in place during the whole of the time they were under

Otherwise, we must consider the marks noted, expecially those in
color, as intrusions and hence suspoect for being reliable relics
of the purported time.

Come now, for the sake of science, be forthcoming.

Tom Simms