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Re: orion Yosippon

S. Goranson wrote (among others):

>I'd be interested if someone responds to Basil Lourie's inquiry.
>Murad Kamil's Ethiopic edition (1937 and 1938 editions in Germany and NY?)
>is not in the Duke library.

-- The only ed. in NY, 1937, but with the title and Introduction in German. It 
is available in SPb., but only in the library that I shall can visit in
about 10 days.
Arabic Yosippon (studied in 1898 by Wellhausen) as well as its Ethiopian
version are obviously Christian texts. Given that the sources of the
Hebrew Yosippon are not always well known, we have to take into
account a possibility of the existence of some Christian tradition 
underlying all the known versions of the Yosippon, especially when we
are dealing with a section consecrated to a kind of monastic (from the
viewpoint) tradition.

Basil Lourie

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