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Re: orion etymology of essene (Yosippon)

Dear Orioners,

One question rather tangential to our topic but connected to the
following passage from a recent post:

>    Also, one may point out that in Yosippon, the Greek term "Essene" is
>translated back into Hebrew by the term "Hasidim."  This fact at least calls
>for explanation, considering that Josephus (as I recall) omits all mention of
>the Hasidim.  Perhaps the author of the Yosippon obtained the equation of
>Essene and Hasidim from Steve's nemesis, Nicolas of Damascus, whom Yoippon
>refers to several times as a major source.  It is true, Yosippon is late --
>even later than Steve's oft-quoted Epiphanius -- but at least relatively
>ancient external source, and a Jewish one at that, expressly supports an
>equation of Essenes and Hasidim, which is one more than can be cited in
>support of the Essenes as "Doers."
>    (By the way, is it known when Flusser's recent critical edition of
>Yosippon will be published in English?)
>    Russell Gmirkin

Do someone has checked this term in Arabic and Ethiopian texts of the Yosippon?
Now I have not them handy. Arabic is not a translation of the known Hebrew.
It is not published but the variae lectiones are reported in the critical
of the Ethiopian: M. Kamil, _Des Josef ben Gorion (Josippon) Geschichte der
Juden. ZENA AYHUD. Nach den Handschriften in Berlin, London, Oxford,
Paris und Strassburg hrsg._ N.Y.: J.J. Austin Publisher, 1937.

Basil Lourie

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