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Re: orion etymology of essene

1) Thanks for the post of Brian Kvasnica.
2) However thoughtful it may have been for Russell Gmirkin to propose my
"nemesis" and provide the name of Nicolas of Damascus--no thanks ; - )
Nicolas was born c.40 years after Judah the Essene is located in Jerusalem
by Josephus. 40 years before that, Ant 13 first places Essenes.
	As for quotations--quote on. Quote John Kampen's analysis of 1, 2
Maccabees which denies  linkage of Asidaioi and Essenes. Quote David
Flusser, editor of the medieval Yosippon, on Essenes and the scrolls.
	Some ancient scrolls include self-identifications as Essene texts.
3) Popular though attempts at avoidance of recognizing the Essene and
Qumran association may currently be, an alternative is better understanding
of the history of Essenes.
4) G. Boccaccini's new book title (I have not yet seen the book, which may
well be better than its title) apparently announces yet another attempt to
avoid the "Essene hypothesis." The puzzling advertizing announces he "moves
beyond the 'Essene hypothesis' and posits a unique relationship between
what he terms 'Enochic Judaism' and the group traditionally known as

Stephen Goranson