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Re: orion Note from the moderator

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, SAbramo884 wrote:

> I always wondered if the "red Chinese characters " on the scrolls were a much
> later addition, such as when the Metropolitan was trying to sell the scrolls
> to anyone.  Has the age of these letters been determined?  Also, there were
> unknown markings on the Copper scroll are these also Chinese?
> Steve Abramowitz

In the case of some of the scrolls in question, we have Trevor's 
photographs, which were taken shortly after the scrolls were found (the 
Isaiah Scroll and the Community Rule, for example) and subsequently 
published in 1972, which would help determine if these scrolls were 
altered in any way while in the possession of the Metropolitan.  I've 
found the marginal markings in my edition, but nothing so far in red ink.

David W. Suter
Saint Martin's College
Lacey, WA 98503