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Re: orion Note from the moderator

If anyone knows how to successfully post a word processing text to email on
AOL as mentioned in this message from the Moderator, I wish they would share
their wisdom with me by a private email, since it is off topic.  
I always wondered if the "red Chinese characters " on the scrolls were a much
later addition, such as when the Metropolitan was trying to sell the scrolls
to anyone.  Has the age of these letters been determined?  Also, there were
unknown markings on the Copper scroll are these also Chinese?
As to intellectual property.  It must be noted that it is legally not wrong to
use the ideas of someone else, it is only the expression of the idea that is
copyrightable (a word)?  Generations of copyright lawyers got rich arguing
which category something fell into.
Steve Abramowitz
NYU Law, JD, LL.B. but replaced.