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Re: orion 11QT 15:1-5

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I would suggest this is a misreading.  The week of ordination requires a
basket of bread and a ram each day - the specification on bread is a
clarification by the Scroll of Lev 8.  The bread is not given to the priest,
but is offered up.  The bread is supplied by a course of priests each day.

This is the opposite action of Jesus', in which he gives out the bread.

There are more likely parallels than the ordination offering, but they would
be off subject.

Dwight Swanson, PhD
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Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 05:13
Subject: orion 11QT 15:1-5

>This passage seems to suggest that when the priest is ordained, he is given
>a basket of bread.  have I misread, or is this a correct understanding of
>the text?
>The reason I ask is that there seems to be a parallel to the so called
>feeding of the 4000 by Jesus.  He gives his followers bread and they pass
>So, was there a custom current in second temple Judaism which involved the
>passing out of bread to the priest who was being ordained- and is that what
>Jesus is doing with the baskets?
>Many thanks,
>Jim West, ThD
>Quartz Hill School of Theology