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Re: orion Etymology of "Essenes"

Dr. Cryer,
I'm responding to your call for good methodology. While I await the results
of your methodology, I have some questions:
1) Some of those ancient writers--Philo, Epiphanius, many ancient scribes,
you know the type--did not follow your rules! How shall we scold them, now
that they're dead?
2) What to do about that silly JBL? How can we stop such reviews as JBL 116
(Winter 1997) 725-27? They apparently have not gotten with the program yet.
The very idea,  beginning with four supposed methodological shortcomings!
3) That book's subject is before my time, but I read the JSOT ostracon
article. Why did Prof. Strange describe the archaeology differently than
you? The nerve! And what's with Ada Yardeni dating the script as Early
Herodian? Didn't she hear you cited her works to show it was really later
than Cross and Eshel wrote?
4) Why is it, again, that we must dissociate Essenes from Qumran?
5) On ane I read that the Tel Dan inscription is a fake; T. Thompson wrote
that you have said so. And N.P. Lemche wrote the news to BAR. When should
the announcement come before the demonstration? And for those pesky people
who will call for apology for slander--what does good methodology direct us
to do?

Stephen Goranson