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orion Call for Papers

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<P>The Center for Jewish Holiday Studies at Beit Berl College is pleased
to announce a one-day conferecne on the subject:
<CENTER><B><U><FONT SIZE=+1>Jewish Holidays - Tradition and Innovation</FONT></U></B></CENTER>

<P>The conference will be held at Beit Berl College on 19 Shevat 5798/July
13, 1998.

<P>Lectures may be given in Hebrew or English, and should not exceed 20
minutes, so as to leave 10 minutes for questions and remarks. The lectures
will be published subsequently in a special volume.

<P>Scholars who wish to present papers, in Hebrew or English, are invited
to send their proposals, along with an abstract of up to 200 words, to:

<P>Dr. Yosef Roth-Rotem, Director
<BR>Center for Jewish Holiday Studies
<BR>Beit Berl College
<BR>Beit Berl Post Office
<BR>Kefar-Sava 44905
<BR>e-mail: intmoed@beitberl.ac.il

<P>All proposals should be sent in no later than May 15, 1998.

<P>Cost of participation is $20.00/NIS 60.00, and includes the volume of
lectures, a kosher lunch (under supervision of the Kefar-Sava Rabbinate)
and a snack.

<P>For further details please contact Dr. Roth-Rotem at the above address,
or by telephone at 972-9-7476396, on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings.