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Re: orion Shanks DSS book

With all this talk about the etymology of the word 'Essene', I'll throw
another sheqel into the pot. This is just a suggestion.

At times, an aleph is attached onto the beginning of a root as a
preformative to make a noun. Let's assume that the the first letter of
'Essene' is an aleph. The doubling of a sibilant letter comes next.
Perhaps this is due to the assimilation of a nun. The final '-ene'
ending can be seen as a simple plural marker. If we remove the initial
aleph as a noun marker, we could be left with the root nun-sin-aleph,
the root meaning "to lift" or "to carry". I don't know what to make of
this, but it seems a plausible break up of the word. What say others?

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