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Re: orion 4QSon of God,N. Altman & Crowder

Stephen Goranson wrote:
> In the Minneapolis Star Tribune, 28 March (searchable via
> http://www.startribune.com  ), "Research Challenges Dead Sea Scrolls
> Origin," Neil Altman and David Crowder wrote that 4QSon of God (4Q246)
> cannot be a first century BCE text, because, they propose, Jews then would
> not or could not have written such a text. They claim it is a later,
> Christian text. I suggest that they are mistaken and that they have
> misinformed some Minnesota readers. I won't argue that in detail
> now--perhaps someone else will--because a detailed response on their claim
> concerning red ink brought no clear retraction.
> Stephen Goranson
> goranson@duke.edu

Some folk are not bothered by such little details as research, or
personal involvement with a task- rather, they sit in the wings and
"monday morning quarterback" to their hearts content, safe in the
assurance that no one will ever convince them they are wrong and no
amount of evidence to the contrary can persuade them that their views
are inaccurate.  Sadly, there are some folk that it is a waste of time
and energy to enter into dialogue with.