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Re: orion Hirschfeld excavation report

On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, Stephen Goranson wrote:

> Dr. Hirschfeld has by now, I suppose, given his public lecture on his
> excavation. I hope the text and some photos will be made available on
> orion's web site. Many questions remain. For example: has the dating of the
> site been established? Apparently, some archaeologists consider the site to
> be later than what was first announced.
> Best wishes,
> Stephen Goranson
> goranson@duke.edu

Yes, Dr. Hirschfeld has given his lecture. I had made a mistake and thought
he was going to be speaking about the Ein Gedi excavation. Both the photos
and the Greenfield seminar deal with his work on the Qumran site. An abstract
of the Greenfield seminar is being prepared by one of our student interns and
will be posted as soon as possible. The photos have been scanned and will be
posted as soon as the same intern finishes a precis of Dr. Hirschfeld's
upcoming article in JNES. The photos and lecture are connected with his
theory that the Qumran building complex is an example of a Roman manor house.
As things are posted on the website, I'll announce them on Orion. 

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