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Re: orion Response to Goranson

At 11:50 PM 3/29/98 +0300, you wrote:
>(1) I am glad to see someone else calling for comment on my book, as my
>note posted some time back has drawn no reaction. The question of whether
>I equate Essenes and Qumran is very marginal to the argument of the book,
>as was noted. The real point is in another direction, even if I do
>separate out Essenes from Qumran in the presentation. Sons of Darkness on
>this issue can disregard that aspect of the argument.

I wish that I had this book- but, alas, we can't get everything; thus my
silence (which I am sure is golden).

>(2) On Synagogues. Discussion on this list and the news in Israel have a
>curious way of anticipating each other. This afternoon's news announced
>the discovery of a first century BCE synagogue at the Hasmonean palace
>complex near Jericho. We were out this evening so I didn't see pictures on
>TV, but it is being touted as the earliest synagogue ever excavated, even
>having some sort of shrine for sacred books. I assume that more details
>will be available very soon.

This is VERY interesting.  Please let us know if anything appears on the web
in reference to this.

>Al Baumgarten

Happy days to all,


Jim West, ThD
Petros TN