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Re: orion Response to Goranson; Jericho

Thanks to Al Baumgarten for his responses on his book-- except, perhaps
(?), the comment about Sons of Darkness :- / --and on the Jericho synagogue
report, which was news to me.
	According to Associated Press reporter Gwen Ackerman, in text
carried at washingtonpost.com today:
She reports that Ehud Netzer, Professor at Hebrew University, announced a
synagogue find dating to 70-50 BCE, in the Hasmonean winter palace at
Jericho. The report mentions a "bench running along pillars in the
synagogue's basilica-shaped hall. The Torah," the report continues, "...was
most likely read in the middle of the room. In an adjoining room,
archaeologists found a U-shaped bench that Netzer said was for ceremonial
meals. The synagogue was not lavish but its floors may have been carpeted,
he said....The synagogue and the palace were destroyed in an earthquake in
31 BC...," according to the AP report.

Stephen Goranson