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Re: orion Cave 4 again

On 28 March David Crowder wrote (in part):
>  The real question should be how could unprotected pieces of leather
>possibly have survived for 2,000 years? [....]

Would pieces of leather in a cave in a dry area which, when found, were
unprotected by a jar nonetheless be protected by the cave, protected at
least enough that some portions remain? While various  reasonable questions
are being asked about Cave 4 (e.g., what were the wall holes for?), are you
still denying that any of the manuscripts in the eleven Qumran caves are
2000 years old? You and Neil Altman wrote that red ink on a few of the
manuscripts showed they are not that old. But contrary evidence has been
presented--red ink was used 2000 and more years ago. Do you accept that
Stephen Goranson