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orion Qumran habitation dates

On 23 March, after discussing Cave 4, Gregory Doudna wrote:
>Since there is no evidence from archaeology confirming habitation
>between the time of Alexander Jannaeus and 8 BCE, and again between 8
>BCE and 60's CE (although there might have been people at Qumran at
>other times within these periods--but present information does not
>permit claims of knowledge of such habitation), this allows plenty of
>opportunities for the date and event of the scrolls deposit.
>Greg Doudna

Greg, would you like to write about how you reached this conclusion on
(I may be mistaken, but, to the best of my knowledge, the text above
differs from all published archaeological reports on Qumran, as well as
from some of your previous orion posts. So, do you have different evidence
and/or different analysis?) Also, just to clarify: are you saying that
Qumran was inhabited in 8 BCE but not necessarily in 9 or 7 BCE?
Stephen Goranson
Durham, North Carolina