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Re: AW: orion 1st C synagogue - was ....

Aayko Eyma wrote:

>In the same BAR 22 (1996) there is an interesting book 
>review (p.67), commenting on the Capernaum synagogue, 
>and also mentioning the building that holds the purpoited 
>"Upper Room" in Jerusalem. Finegan and
>Pixner considering it a 1st c. church-synagogue
>(i.e. Jewish-Christian meeting place) [ref: BAR 
>may/june 1990], it having a Torah nice that was
>not exactly oriented toward the Temple Mount. Their
>view however was/is "not widely accepted". What
>do you think of this building [leaving alone whether
>it had anything  to do with early christians!]:
>what is the generally accepted date and WAS
>there a Torah nice?

Indeed, there was a nice. Was this nice destined to the Torah,
is a more delicate question. It was oriented directly to Golgotha. 

Cf.: B. PIXNER. Wege des Messias und Staetten der Urkirche. Jesus und das
Judenchristentum im Licht neuer archaeologischer Erkenntnisse / Hsgb. von R.
Riesner. Giessen 1994. 2. Aufl. (Studien zur Biblischen Archaeologie und
Zeitgeschichte, 2). 

For answer to Pixner's critics, cf.:
R.RIESNER. Das Jerusalemer Essenerviertel. Antwort auf einige Einwaende, in:
Intertestamental Essays in Honour of Jozef Tadeusz Milik / Ed. by
Z.J.Kapera. Krakow 1992 (Qumranica Mogilanensia, 6). 179-186.

I believe the 1st century dating is beyond doubts, but I can miss something.


Basil Lourie

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Byzantine and Slavic Studies


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