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Re: orion Into the Temple Courts

Dear Mark,
That is a valid hypothesis only if there are synagogues in Palestine prior
70 ce.  A point which is undemonstrable at our current state of evidence.
None of the  pre-70 buildings in Palestine that have been studied by
archaeologists show any iconography or other indications that they are
anything more than a place to meet.  I have argued this point in print, and
while few scholars agree with the observation, none have been able to
definitively show that Masada, Gamla, Herodian, etc. are synagogues.

>It seems to me that if one assumes that Qumran was part of a larger
>social/political/economic corridor along the west coast of the Dead Sea from
>En Gedi to Jerricho, then it is likely that there was some central synagogue
>(or alternate to the temple) somewhere in this area.
>Mark Dunn

Paul V. M. Flesher, Director
Religious Studies Program
University of Wyoming
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