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Re: orion 1st C synagogue - was ....

At 04:39 PM 3/27/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Having visited the site in the Golan believed to be Gamla some years ago I
>would be very interested if anyone has a reference to a reliable academic
>article or book proving it to be less than 50% probable that the building
>there was a pre-68 synagogue.

Your phrase "reliable academic article" is interesting.  Please clarify so
references sent will meet your criteria.  What do you mean by reliable?  By
academic?  Do you have a particular scholar in mind who must suggest such a
thing before you will believe it?

>Please do not send arguments to the effect that it is not 100% certain,
>if it is more probable than not then that is quite sufficient for us 
>to accept provisionally that we have a 1st C synagogue.

What?  I would suggest that if you wish us to accept a site as a first
century synagogue then it is you who bear the burden of proof- for a
negative cannot be proven and thus we cannot prove that something is not.

>David M.



Jim West, ThD
Petros TN