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Re: orion Into the Temple Courts

At 08:36 PM 3/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul V. M. Flesher appears to be firm in the opinion that there was no
>synagogue located at Qumran.  Binder seems to at least allow for
>interpretation of loc. 4 and loc. 77 as serving the functions of a synagogue.
>Mark Dunn

Archaeological evidence seems to be pointing more and more in the following
direction:  there is nothing in 1st c. C.E. Palestine that we can call a
synagogue per se. That is, there was no building which served exclusively as
a synagogue- rather the faithful met in homes (as in the early church, which
met in houses and not church buildings).

In fact, there has yet to be discovered one single building from the 1st c.
which can be positively identified as a synagogue!  Thus, there is no
evidence of synagogues at Qumran, at Masada, or anywhere else (yet).

Of course, there are some folk who insist on calling certain reconstructions
"synagogues"- but as to proof, they have none.



Jim West, ThD
Petros TN