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Re: orion Re: Cave 4 jars

> The matter of jars in the cave, though, is somewhat more problematic. 
> Could someone give some bib info that I could check out?  Someone 
> (Fred?) said that the Bedouin said there were jar fragments in there; 
> is their word all we have, were any more found when the scroll 
> fragments were being collected, how certain are we that they are of 
> the same type as the "scroll jars" of cave 1, etc. etc. etc. ?

Following up my own post here, I just noticed a photo in DJD 6 
labeled "Ceramique de la Grotte 4" which includes a wide array of 
ceramic fragments, including one with an indecipherable inscription 
on it.  None of them, though, appear to me to resemble the "scroll 
jars" of cave 1, with the possible exception of the big one in the 
middle.  And even that bears scant resemblance to, say, the jars 
pictured in Wurthwein, p. 136.  So again I wonder, do we know of any 
actual "scroll jar" pieces from cave 4?

Dave Washburn
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