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Re: orion Into the Temple Courts

If we are going to continue this topic, let me put in my two cents.

>There is a small room just off of the "Scriptorium" which has a bench =
>running along its interior walls, however, this room is nowhere near the =
>size of the Masada synagogue or other synagogues discovered in this =
Actually, the room is about 1/2 or maybe a 1/3 of the size of the so-called
synagogue at Herodian (sometimes attributed to C1, but more likely c2).
The Herodian synagogue also has only one bench, although it is slightly
higher, I think, that the room at Qumran.

The real problem is the claim that these are synagogues.  Not even the
Masada room can be demonstrated to be Jewish, let alone to be a synagogue.


Paul V. M. Flesher, Director
Religious Studies Program
University of Wyoming
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