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Re: orion Cave 4 again

Jim West wrote:
> >1. Is it really reasonable to suppose that (presumably) heavy wooden 
> >planks would rot away before sheets and rolls of leather did, leaving 
> >only the leather items behind?  It seems to me that the leather would 
> >have rotted away long before the wood did, but I'm willing to be 
> >convinced otherwise.
> >
> Perhaps the wood was eaten by little buggies while the scrolls, sealed in
> jars, were not quite so accesible.  (just a thought, not a firm commitment).

This is the first I've heard about the cave 4 scrolls being in jars?? 
 My understanding was that they were just scattered all over the 
floor of the cave.  What evidence is there that they were in jars?
Dave Washburn
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