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Re: orion Solinus, Dio, Pliny, M. Agrippa

	Russell Gmirkin misrepresented my post  and made some quite
speculative assertions about sources, mixed in with some intelligent
observations. I have no time today to attempt detailed disentangling.
	My post on Strabo vis-a-vis the Qumran Essene texts was described,
in part, with false representation.
	That Pliny used M. Agrippa more than the times he cites his name is
well known and demonstrated in Pliny literature.
	The statement "This passage [in Strabo] appears to represent the
sum total that Posidonius wrote on the Jews" is puzzling indeed. How does
Russell Gmirkin know, or assume he knows? Essenes from  the times 1 and 2
Maccabees (with "Hasidim") were written, and earlier, inconvenience his
theory; these he resists. But how to know the sum total of what Posidonius
wrote on the Jews!? What a handy method of dismissal.
Best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

On Russell Gmirkin's post which begins:
>  Steven Goranson tries [....]