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orion Glasgow exhibit inkwell

No doubt the various exhibits and conferences in Scotland will be quite
interesting and worthwhile. But, since orion readers are presumably
interested in correcting misinformation--unintentional, in this case, no
doubt--please allow a note on the inkwell pictured twice on the Glasgow
website. I'm not sure how it may be captioned in the exhibit, and I was
unable to find an e-mail address on the web site to send this note to them.
	The inkwell pictured is not from Qumran. (Even though it is the
same one displayed previously at the Library of Congress and on p. 95 of
that otherwise very fine catalog, Scrolls from the Dead Sea.) That inkwell,
reportedly, was found in Jerusalem.
	Qumran, of course, did yield more extant inkwells than any other
contemporary site of comparable size in that region.
	Though Essenes obviously lived in other places as well as Qumran,
and though considerable energy has been invested to attempt to deny the
connection, the task for historians ineluctably includes addressing what
further insight these discoveries offer for history of Essenes and history
of Judaism.

Stephen Goranson
Duke University