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orion New Library Acquisitions

We wish to thank the following people for their donations to the Orion Center

Anders Achim:

Aschim, A. "D¿dehavsrullene og realfagene." Naturen.  Populaervitenskapelig
Tiddskrift 121 (6 1997): 288-95. 

Eggen, R. B. and O. Hognestad, eds. D¿dehavsrullene: Funn og forskning i 50
r. Trondheim: Tapir, 1997. 

Esther Chazon:

Chazon, E. G. "The Creation and Fall of Adam in the Dead Sea Scrolls." In The
Book of Genesis in Jewish and Oriental Christian Interpretation: Reworked
versions of papers read at a symposium held in May 1995 in Jerusalem, eds. J.
Frishman and L. Van Rompey. 13-24. Leuven: Peeters Press, 1997. 

Eugene Ulrich:

Ulrich, E., F. M. Cross, R. E. Fuller, J. E. Sanderson, P. W. Skehan, and E.
Tov, eds. DJD Qumran Cave 4, X:  The Prophets. Discoveries in the Judaean
Desert XV. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1977. 

A full listing of the Orion Center library holdings may be found on our

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