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Re: orion Divorce and polygamy in NT and DSS

Asia Lerner wrote:

>At 02:26 PM 3/1/98 +0300, you wrote:
>>If memory serves, Fr. Fitzmeyer meant 2 Cor 6:14--7:1.
>But this passage makes no mention of polygamy at all. What would the
>connection be?

Indeed. It concerns heterogamy. However it was frequently mentioned in the
studies on the DSS--NT contacts.
Fr. Fitzmeyer in his "101 questions"  gives a kind of interview, not a study
on his own. He depends here on earlier studies, perhaps such as follows:

J. Gnilka. 2 Cor 6:14--7:1 in the Light of the Qumran Texts and the
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs [publ. in 1963], reprinted in: J. Murphy
O'Connor, J. H. Charlesworth. _Paul and the Dead Sea Scrolls_ N.Y.:
Crossroads, 1990 (2nd ed.). 48--68.

One reference to an article where a similar wording in CD 4:12f (esp. 20)
and Mk 10:1-12 (on divorce) was pointed out:

M. J. Geller. Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls, BSOAS (Bull. of
the School of Oriental and African Studies. Univ. of London) 57 (1994) 82--86.

Basil Lourie

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