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Re: orion Divorce and polygamy in NT and DSS

Asia wrote:
> At 02:26 PM 3/1/98 +0300, you wrote:
> >If memory serves, Fr. Fitzmeyer meant 2 Cor 6:14--7:1.
> >
> >Best regards.
> >
> >Basil Lourie
> But this passage makes no mention of polygamy at all. What would the
> connection be?
> Also, does anybody remember any mention of divorce at all in DSS?
> To G. Athas: I take your point about the passage in Timothy, but it's
> really rather different from objecting to polygamy in general. After all,
> the Catholic church demands that its priests stay celibate, but surely one
> would not say that it objects to monogamy...

But the Catholic church's insistence on celibacy is a much later 
development than the material in the NT on polygamy, so it really 
shouldn't have any bearing on how to understand the Timothy passage.
Dave Washburn
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