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Re: orion Divorce and poligamy in NT and DSS

If memory serves, Fr. Fitzmeyer meant 2 Cor 6:14--7:1.

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Basil Lourie

At 10:53 01.03.98 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello -
>I actually, I re-read the article in question. It is by Broshi himself, a
>review of several DSS related books (Jerusalem Post, Jan 20 '95, "Scrolls
>Primers"). The notion that both DSS and NT object to divorce and poligamy
>is presented as an idea from one of the books reviewed, J. Fitzmeyer's
>"Responses to 101 questions on the DSS" .
>>From the article:
>	"Fitzmyer avers that nothing in the Scrolls contradicts anything that is
>sacred to Christians. One can learn by reading his book how better we
>understand the Sermon on the Mount, that the Essenes preceded Jesus in
>banning divorce (and all the more so polygamy), how a passage in one of
>Paul's epistles reads like a quotation from the scrolls, and much more."
>Best Regards,	Asia Lerner
Basil Lourie

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