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Re:Jim West on : orion Golb on the "'Yahad' Claim"

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Well...in my own article on the ostracon I flatly rejected the reading of
the letter as a Yod, just as I dismissed the so-called n-shaped Chet. But
Im not all that censorious; as I remark, epigraphers are at the mercy of
their hobby-horses, and, after having seen a text in one particular way, it
is frightfully difficult to see it another. 
I think Eshel and Cross have read the ostracon in the light of their
expectations, which include the entire Qumran-Essene hypothesis they both
advocate. The heavy weather their reading has since encountered among
scholars who have no particular commitment to that hypothesis --but not
necessarily to any other well defined hypothesis-- should provide an
adequate falsification of the reading. In the event, not much has happened.
We had no written evidence of a connexion between the caves and the ruin
site prior to the ostracon, and that remains the case now.

Fred Cryer