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Re: orion Divorce and poligamy in NT and DSS

At 04:42 PM 2/26/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello -
>I am looking for clarification on a statement I read in an interview with
>Magen Broshi. He said that the DSS and NT overlapped in their objection to
>poligamy and divorce. Problem is, as far as I remember, NT offers
>objections to divorce (but not poligamy) while Damascus covenant forbids
>poligamy (but not divorce). There is a similarity in the biblical text used
>as a support for the two positions : Genesis and the creation of Adam and
>Eve. But unless I am missing something, the issues objected to are actually
>	Thank you,	Asia Lerner


I think you are exactly coorect.  Perhaps (as sometimes happens in
interviews) the answer was correctly stated by Professor Broshi but the two
ideas were intermingled by the writer of the interview.  I am confident he
(Broshi) knows what you and I know.