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Re: orion 5 brief responses

According to Stephen Goranson:
> Well, let me attempt some brief responses on several items of old but
> recent business:

[. . .]
> 3) To Sigrid Peterson. I have written that I disagree with your translation
> and interpretation of Pliny. And  for more than one reason. Perhaps if you
> post your translation of the entire passage, we could discuss it more
> usefully.

I agree that the translation, with full commentary, needs to be
published. I did not have my notes at hand when I quoted the first line,
as the translation and notes were in the hands of a reader. I've retrieved
them, and will use them to reply to Jay Treat's specific criticisms. I
undertook the translation for a paper I'm preparing; apparently it would
not be the wisest course to use it in that paper.

Having spent a great deal of time on it, considering many aspects of each
question, I would welcome specific feedback. This public arena was not
quite what I had in mind, however.

Stephen Goranson also wrote, in another post:
> 2) Fred Cryer (quoted below) expressed agreement with Sigrid Peterson
> "that the term 'Essene' seems inappropriate to the DSS discussion."
> Forgive me, but, whatever Sigrid may wish to write in the future, her
> last two posts, I offer in suggestion, do not say quite what Fred's
> paraphrase does. 

Thanks for this clarification. Were we to understand the term "Essene"
afresh, that new understanding might advance our knowledge of the DSS
and/or Qumran and/or En Gedi, En Ghuweir and En Feshka. We need to be
EXTREMELY attentive to the gaps and inconsistencies in our sources, as Al
Baumgarten has shown. And we need to attend to the possibilities for
understanding our sources anew, as I tried to do by translating Pliny.

Since my area is not really Master Narrative, or Rethought Narrative, of
Qumran and the DSS, I haven't mustered the arguments for the position I
took in the preceding paragraph. 

Thanks, and all the best,
> Best wishes,
> Stephen Goranson
> goranson@duke.edu
> Duke University

Sigrid Peterson   University of Pennsylvania   petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu