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orion Balsam and other products

I was doing some net surfing for articles abount En Gedi.  Among other things,
I learned that En Gedi is the apparent source of several products including
(1) something called Cerratum that purports to be a natural cream made with
"dead sea minerals" and "bee honey and wax", (2) Eclipse which purports to be
made with Dead Sea water "rich in magnesium, an anti-allergen, and (3) the En
Gedi Sun Care System.  Several of these products purport to have anti-aging
properties as well as anti-wrinkle and astringent properties.  There is also a
lot of discussion Dead Sea Salts and Mud which can be purchased at "affordable
rates!"  Supposedly, an Israeli dermatologist Dr. Zvi Even Paz studied
Psoriasis patients and advocates Dead Sea Bath Salts etc.  The articles
encourage the purchase of 18 Kilos of Dead Sea Salt (the "quantity needed for
3 baths per week for 6 weeks).

Is there any evidence that Dead Sea salts, mud and water were used for similar
purposes in say 163 BCE to about 68 CE?  For example, assuming that the level
of the Dead Sea was higher than today (i.e., closer to the front door of
Qumran), is it reasonable to suppose that someone from Jericho might go down
to Qumran for a good Dead Sea mud bath and then wash off in the pools,
cisterns etc. and then annoint with balsam products?  Or someone from
Jerusalem would go to En Gedi for the same purpose.

On another subject, there was an A&E segment last week on which it was
asserted that shortly before being cornered at Masada, the occupants raided En
Gedi for supplies which were taken back to Masada for the final resistence.  I
was wondering where that comes from?

Mark Dunn