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Re: orion Hirschfeld implications


On 23-FEB-1998 06:03:24.3 orion said to VCBROWN
   > Once again, emphatically no, at least not from the viewpoint of 
   >scientific theory. It is a curious feature of human psychology, but 
   >one which has been well studied recently, that people will continue to 
   >adhere to many of the elements of a given hypothesis that has obtained 
   >currency for some time even once it has been shown that the 
   >assumptions that originally gave rise to the hypothesis were wrong...
	Wish I could agree with you. But I am reminded of other psycho-
logical studies whose object was learning. 
	And I am reminded of an anecdote that I have often told in regards 
to the "Death of God" theology. In the anecdote a news reporter wants to
interview a Death of God theologian. Three times the reporter asks a ques-
tion. Each time the D.O.G. theologain interrupts him and proclaims louder 
and louder that he is waiting for a new revelation. After the 3rd attempt
the reporter leaves and the death of God theology fades away for lack of a 
forum and an audience.
	There are 25 rocks in the pond in my backyard. I want to arrange 
them. You say that my arrangement is wrong, but you don't offer an alter-
native. Heck, Fred, I'm going to arrange them. The arrangement makes sense 
to me and you keep saying that you don't know what arrangement would look
	Need a "paradigm shift," Fred.

Virgil Brown