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Re: orion Where....& "bottle"?

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Dear Jack,
	If, for conversation's sake, we would accept your reading of the
disputed last four letters of line 8 in the ostracon, questions would still
remain. Would the word you translate as "bottle" be spelled, in Herodian
times, with a yod rather than, or in addition to, an aleph? Isn't the word
a reference to a leather sack or bottle, such as a wine-skin, or skin for
milk or water? Is the word used for a glass bottle? Would you think balsam
was kept in leather containers? Do you know of texts which parallel your
Stephen Goranson
>	I have been wodering about this also.  I think it
>fits more with the thesis that Qumran was an Agrarian center
>and the inhabitants may have been cultivists and processors
>of Balsam.  This would tie in the En-Gedi site where the Balsam
>plants were cultivated to Qumran, perhaps where it was processed
>and bottled.  This makes interesting one of the alternative
>readings of the Ostracon where the proposed "yxd" reading was,
>in fact ln)d..[h] "bottle."  If wkmltw is "when he completes"
>perhaps we are missing the ending in the lacuna that would
>suggest "bottling."
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