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Re: orion A. Yardeni on ostracon

  The Cross and Eshel article on the new ostracon is not available to me
locally.  Perhaps S. Goranson or some other reader could indulge my curiosity
on a couple points.
  In the ostracon, the alleged N-shaped Het resembles all the other alephs and
resembles none of the other hets.  (1) In the examples of N-shaped Hets Cross
and Eshel recently published, is these also variability of the letter shape
within single texts, or consistency across the entire text?  (2) Do Cross and
Eshel discuss the possibility that their examples represent, in whole or in
part, not N-shaped Hets but scribal errors in which an aleph had been
substituted for a het?  (In which case there may not be a phenomenon of N-
shaped Hets at all.)
  Russ Gmirkin