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orion Announcements

Orion Bibliography on web site:
	We have just discovered that due to internal problems the
alphabetical and the year files on the Bibliography page of the Orion web
site had not been updated since November. Only the Current bibliography was
updated regularly. I am happy to inform you that as of today, all files 
have been updated except for "All". 

Search Service:
	A reminder that we are still offering a free search service for 
secondary bibliography on DSS. Send inquiries to msdss@mscc.huji.ac.il. 
Our database includes articles which have appeared in collections such as 
_Reading 4QMMT_ or _Legal Texts and Legal Issues_ and it is possible to 
request a list of all DSS-related articles from a particular collection 
if it is available here in Jerusalem.

Hirschfeld photos:
	Dr. Yizhar Hirschfeld, the excavator of the Ein-Gedi site which has 
been mentioned in the news lately, is an Orion grant recipient. We hope 
very soon to be able to publish some of his aerial photos on the web 
site. He will be giving a lecture in the Greenfield Scholars Seminars 
series on March 19.

Avital Pinnick, Ph.D.                                   tel: 972-2-588-2063
list moderator/bibligrapher                             fax: 972-2-588-3584
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
http://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il - DSS bibliography updated weekly.