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Re: orion Last call for ostracon pix

I wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Feb 1998 dwashbur@nyx.net wrote:
> > Orion friends,
> > Within the next week or so I will have to remove the pictures of the 
> > Qumran ostracon from my web site due to disk space restrictions.  I 
> > realize the topic is pretty well exhausted on here and don't want to 
> > try and open it up again.  However, if there is anyone who wanted the 
> > pictures and hasn't gotten them yet, now is the time.

And apparently I was wrong; the images appear to have already been 
deleted (without anyone telling me) from the site I had them on.  I 
apologize for this error on my part, I should have double-checked 
first.  Disk space on my web site (nyx) is pretty limited and the 
images are pretty large, but I will try to make the images available 
for a day one day next week.  That's about the best I can do at this 
point, and I will try to give plenty of advance notice.  Again, my 
profuse apologies to any of my colleagues who have been 
inconvenienced by my mistake.

Dave Washburn
"Now I have $2736.15.  Every time I count my $500,
I get a different amount."