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Re: orion Looking for a font

David Washburn wrote:

>I have had a request for a font that simulates a ms hand from about 
>the 3rd C. B.C.E. to 1st C. C.E. in TrueType format.  I have so far 
>been unable to locate one.  Does anyone here know of one, perhaps one 
>that resembles one of the hands in the DSS?

Visit URL http://cool.uni-ulm.de/teilnehmer/charly16/afindex.htm
or post to 

The owner is A.F. who created Qumran TrueType font and perhaps others. I
don't know who is he.

Basil Lourie
St.Petersburg Society for Byzantine & Slavic Studies,
Academic Secretary;
Khristianskij Vostok (Christian Orient),
Editorial Board, 
Secretary (Christian Origins, Theology, Liturgics)