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Re: orion Hirschfeld implications

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fred cryer wrote:
> Once again, Jack--
> Pliny knows nothing of any scrolls, and there is no indication his holy men
> had any library whatsover. Apples and oranges...

	That Pliny does not mention that the Essenes had a library does not
mean that they did not.  Almost certainly they did.  I am not sure
you are questioning whether the DSS were the property of the Essenes or
whether they were maintained at Qumran.  I realize there are other
possible alternatives but the evidence at this time seems to indicate
that the DSS belonged to the Essenes or a closely related group.  Did
come from Qumran, however?  That is another issue.  The evidence does
seem circumstantial...the ink wells and the so-called "scriptorium" and
some scroll jar-like shards.  The tables from the scriptorium are odd in
that they do not seem to have been constructed for someone to sit
for the tedious task of copying scrolls.  I have many questions about
tables.  It would seem to me that years of copying scrolls on a table
leave some evidence of such by microanalysis of the surface.  I do not
whether such an examination has been done.

	I have always been more inclined to pose the possibility that
the library came from the Essene Quarter of Jerusalem, but who am I
as an interested layman, to argue with the consensus of so many fine
scholars who have had more hands on experience?

	I also have never been able to get a clear picture of how
many individuals were resident at Qumran.  When I visited the site
I could see no more than 200 individuals *if* the extensions to the
original site were constructed in the 1st century BCE and the residents
lived around the site in huts (as found by Hirschfeld at En-Gedi)
or in tents.  I still have more questions than a set position on this

Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)