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orion Re: Public Mikva'ot

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	The subject of mikva'ot comes up frequently in
association with the Essenes and Qumran and now with the
investigations of the En-Gedi site.  Although the wealthy
had their own, I am curious about the archaeological
evidence for public Mikva'ot particularly along the
approaches to the temple.  I think that we can assume that
the majority of pilgrims to the temple for festivals came
from some distance and that a ritual bathing was necessary
before entering the temple area.  I would think that
Siloam and Bethesda served these purposes.  Is it possible,
however, that those coming long distances would have been
required to have several "pit stops" along the way?  What
is the evidence for such facilities along the major roads
(Hebron road, Jericho Road, etc) that led to the temple?

	Could Qumran have been one of those sites?


D’man dith laych idneh d’nishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)