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Re: orion Hirschfeld implications

Jack Kilmon wrote:

>                                             Hirschfeld's discovery is
> intriguing and
> provocative.  If these "huts" were Essene, future excavation might tell
> us more about these fascinating people and ADD TO the corpus of data
> from Qumran.  There is absolutely nothing in these preliminary reports
> to spell the "death toll" of the Qumran hypothesis.  I doubt very much
> if the Isaiah scroll could even be rolled out in one of those
> structures,
> no less written there.

This assumes that the Essenes wrote the Isaiah scroll. That is not necessarily
the case. IF, and I stress the word IF Hirschfeld's little village does sound the
death knell for the Qumran-Essene-DSS theory, then it would probably be
demonstrated that the Essenes had little or nothing to do with the DSS found in
the caves near Qumran. We would have to posit another theory for the origins of
the scrolls. A non-Essene origin would make a lot more sense of the contents of
the scrolls. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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