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orion Sites along the Dead Sea

Marcus Wood writes that "[t]here are now at least two sites within the broader
region where Ein Gedi can legitimately be described as 'infra'  Qumran, as
ever, fits the understanding . . . ."

The January 28, 1998 Reuters article by Janien Zacharia says Stephen Pfann,
director of Jerusalem's inter-faith Center for the Study of the Early Church
says " we know there were many Essene villages along the Dead Sea."

Assuming that Ein-Gedi and Q are both Essene sites, where are the "many Essene
villages along the Dead Sea" that "we" are supposed to know are there?

I would generally agree with Mr. Wood that Q may fit the "infra" description,
but does it fit the description of being removed from the noxious exhilations
of the Dead Sea?  This is an issue that might be addressed if anyone out there
has a decent topographic map with elevations.  I have been uable to find such
a map.  My point is that you could trace in the hypothetical levels of the
Dead Sea (including a level that would block land passage along the coast as
suggested by Magness in the Jan 98 BAR article), scan your result for the
benefit of the rest of us, and post it to Orion.  Isn't there anyone in Israel
that has such a map?

Mark Dunn