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Re: orion Hirschfeld implications

J.J. Hays wrote:
>Though the memory will linger on, I would think that the Essene hegemony
>over Dead Sea Scrolls scholarship has simply folded with Hirschfeld's
>discoveries. Or more succinctly: it's a dead letter.
>Sorry, if this has already been covered. I won't post any more on the
>J.J. Hays
>I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

It is quite apparent from posts like the above (and the 'first toll'
posting) that there are many scholars who are not willing to subject
Hirschfeld's theory to the same standards/burdens of evidence that they
would vehemently require for Qumran/Essene/DSS connections.  Does this
discovery of a settlement of approx 25 people and a perfume bottle really
refute the Qumran/Essene theory???  Isn't premature speculation one of the
charges leveled against proponents of Essene composition of the DSS??  Even
if this small settlement were proven to be Essene, would this be 'the'
Essene settlement referred to by Pliny????  I think that (IMHO) much, much
more data must surface before this becomes seriously debatable.

Vernon Chadwick
Charlotte, NC