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Re: orion the first toll?

SAbramo884 wrote:

> Is the name Essene Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, or Roman in origin?  Where was it
> first used, AND what does the word mean?
> Now that we have the benefits of modern schlolarship does the name and thesect
> appear in the HB or the Jewish Post Temple period among the Rabbis?
> Steve Abramowitz
> NYU, JD.

In addition to Stephen's comments, I'd also like to add the possibility that the
word "Essenes" may also come from the Semtic root _)SH_ (aleph-samekh-he) or _)S)_
(aleph-samekh-aleph) which means to heal. Thus, an )oSEH or the )oSIYN ("Essenes")
were "healers". This fits Philo's explanation of the Essenes (De Vita
Contemplative 1-3 - in C.K. Barrett's "NT Background: Selected Documents", p 161).
Perhaps the balsam which this new settlement is said to have harvested is in
keeping with healing balms?

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