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orion new journal announcement

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Prof. Yaakov Spiegel and I, both of the Talmud department of Bar Ilan
University, are pleased to announce that the President of the University
has agreed to finance a new publication dedicated to the World of the
Synagogue. We intend this to be a scholarly, refereed journal which will
deal with all aspects of synagogue life, prayer and prayerbooks, art and
architecture, liturgical music, sociology, etc. We will also include
reviews of books relevant to these fields. Since we feel that what is most
important to scholars (besides the refereed aspect of the journal) is the
dissemination of their ideas, we are considering novel methods of
distribution (possibilities include free distribution, shareware, e-mail
and others). We invite the submission of scholarl y articles, which may be
written either in Hebrew or in English. Hebrew/English articles should
include a summary of up to 200 words in English/Hebrew. If necessary, we
will translate the summaries. Articles should be submitted on paper,
accompanied by a diskette containing the file from which the text was
printed, preferably in Word but English ASCII texts produced by other
programs are also acceptable. If you plan to submit an article, or you
wish to subscribe, or you have a book that you would like to have
reviewed, or you just want additional information, please get in touch
with me by e-mail: taborj@mail.biu.ac.il

Joseph Tabory