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orion SBL Intl. Meeting

Forwarded at the request of:

          Dr. Z. J. Kapera, Organizing Secretary, Mogilany Colloquia, 
          ul. Borsucza 3/58, 30-408 Krakow, Poland 
              S B L    I N    C R A C O W 
   Dear Friends, Colleagues and Fans of the Scrolls, 
       As you certainly know, the next, sixteenth International 
   Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature will be held in 
   Cracow, Poland on July 19-22,1998. Among other features, there 
   will be a special session on Qumran organized at the conference.   
   Numerous papers by internationally recognized scholars             
   are expected. As usual, we will call the session MOGILANY, this 
   time MOGILANY 1998.    
      We would welcome very much in Cracow all participants of the 
   previous Mogilany colloquia and also young people beginning their 
   Biblical and Qumran research who would like to take part in the 
   SBL Meeting, but fear the high hotel prices. Please get in touch 
   with the Organizing Secretary of the Mogilany Colloquia, i.e. 
   myself, to find inexpensive accommodation in Cracow. We have in 
   mind a possibility to rent rooms in a modern seminary building only 
   20 minutes by tram from the conference venue. 
     We have a reservation for a limited number of rooms from July 18 
   to 23, 1998. If you wish to take the opportunity and are not a 
   former participant in the Mogilany colloquia, please briefly 
   introduce yourself in your e-mail, stating your age and sex, the 
   name of your university and of your professor (if you are a 
   student), and give us the number od days you would like to stay and 
   how much you are able to pay per day. The price offered to you 
   will include breakfast (between 7.00 and 8.00 in the morning) and 
   simple cold buffet meal if you are late for the evening meal at 
   6.00-7.00 P.M. Reservations can be for single, double and triple 
   rooms. The building is new; some rooms have no separate showers or 
   WC, but the accommodation is comfortable. The only inconvenience: 
   the doors of the seminary are close from 11.00 P.M. till 6.00 A.M. 
   No prepayment will be requested before arrival in Cracow, but we 
   expect to be notified at once in case of a resignation. 
    The accommodation can be arranged only through my recommendation 
   and, unfortunately, to limited number of people, so it was 
   impossible to include the offer in the official offer of the SBL. 
   But we should like to host as many Qumran scholars and students in 
   Cracow as possible. Do not hesitate, come and see our beautiful 
   city with many historic monuments and museums. The SBL Meeting in 
   Cracow gives you a unique opportunity. 
      Dr. Z. J. Kapera, ul. Borsucza 3/58, 30-408 Krakow, Poland 
      E-mail: zjkapera@vela.filg.uj.edu.pl