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orion Hirschfeld's Excavations

Dave Washburn is, of course, correct that we discussed "infra" and related
topic many months ago and that the best argument for "south of", as used in
context by Pliny, was that there was no site physically above Ein-Gedi.  That
is why I am wondering how Roitman can (apparently) be so sure that "infra"
sourth of the Essenes rather than "below" the Essenes given the Hirschfeld

But the other issue is that in the January 1998 BAR article two of the three
persons being interviewed take the position that there was no land passage
from Qumran to Ein-Gedi in about 100 BCE to 70 CE.  If true, then only the
Hirschfeld site qualifies as being removed from the coast and the noxious
odors of the Dead Sea.  It is only the bey low level of the Dead Sea in the
more recent century that moves Qumran off of and away from the Dead Sea's
noxious odors.  

Mark Dunn