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orion New list Graphai

Some on this list might be interested to know about the creation of a new
e-mail discussion list devoted to the academic study of the New
Testament. The list is called Graphai, and it is sponsored by the Society
of Biblical Literature. Its purpose is to help scholars of the New
Testament help one another in their professional tasks. The framework for
discussion is academic, secular, and non-political. The listowner is
Jay C. Treat. It is the younger sibling of the new Hebrew Bible list
called Miqra.

The list is closed, but all members of the SBL and the AAR may join
automatically. Other scholars may apply for membership.  To find out more
or to join, go to the Web site at:
SBL/AAR members will need their AAR/SBL Member ID number (available on
almost every mailing label from Scholars Press).


Jay C. Treat
The University of Pennsylvania      
email:  jtreat@ccat.sas.upenn.edu